vAlign - healthcare IT solutions by VOV Enterprises

A 360° View of Your
Provider Network

The rate of change in your provider network is staggering.

With fragmented support models and scattered data sources, engaging providers and executing new programs is challenging.

Emerging government and commercial payment models require healthcare organizations to move beyond conventional provider relations -they must now demonstrate the value of their network to payers, consumers and other potential partners.

Your provider network is dynamic. Manage the complexity, improve its effectiveness and demonstrate its value with vAlign.

Using the Salesforce architecture, vAlign has been customized specifically for healthcare providers to organize multiple data sources within a single platform to provide:


  • Single source of truth for provider data

  • Manage complex relationships between practices, providers and staff

  • Mobile functionality for real-time information in the field

  • Streamlined, coordinated physician communication across your network

  • Faster response time to physician needs

  • Track engagement activities

  • Close new contract opportunities
  • Decrease leakage
  • Recruit new providers
  • Eliminate financial penalties

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